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Archival Needs Assessment- Borobudur Conservation Archives

The Archival Needs Assessment is a thorough examination of an organization's archive program. This activity aims to identify and address specific organizational needs, operational efficiency, storage issues, access and policy issues, and collection management issues. The resulting assessment and report will indicate areas for short-term improvement and long-term planning and vision, recommend solutions, and guide the development of the organization's archiving program.

As part of the study, SEAMS will also assist in the development of a Conservation Strategy for the Borobudur Conservation Center, including the Preservation Survey. The Preservation Survey is a thorough examination of the preservation needs of collecting institutions for archival collections. This Conservation Strategy will build on previous reports and recommendations from experts from the Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences.

This Archival Needs Assessment focuses on the Borobudur Conservation Archives, especially from 1969-1983 during the Borobudur Temple Restoration Project. Collections from this period are listed as Memory of the World. However, in the Borobudur Conservation Archives there are also quite important archives regarding the Borobudur Temple Conservation Project (1983-1991), and some of them are also discussed in this report. In this case, the Borobudur Conservation Archives are categorized as 'static' archives, in accordance with the Archives Law. Records outside this period are not discussed in this report.

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