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The development of Dr Yap Museum Revitalization Concept

The objective of this project is to tell the important history of the Dr. Yap Hospital (R.S. Mata Dr. Yap) and Yayasan Dr. Yap Prawirohusodo, to local, national and international audiences, through the revitalization of the R.S. Mata Dr. Yap Museum.

All major international eye hospitals, such as the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (UK), Moorfields Private Eye Hospital (UK), and Royal Eye and Ear Hospital (Australia), have excellent museums. The R.S Dr. Yap Museum has the potential, to be at the same level.

Aside from contributing to the image of the RS Dr. Yap as an international hospital, the museum will be designed to be sustainable, with income derived from visitors (gift shop, souvenirs, tickets/donation etc.) supporting the staffing and operation of the museum.

3D plan visual:

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