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Archival Needs Assessment for the Borobudur Conservation Archives

The Archival Needs Assessment undertaken by Southeast Asia Museum Services (SEAMS) is a comprehensive evaluation of the archive program at the Borobudur Conservation Center.

This initiative is designed to meticulously identify and address specific organizational requirements, operational efficiencies, storage challenges, access and policy considerations, and collection management issues.

The resultant assessment and report will not only highlight areas for immediate enhancement but will also provide a strategic roadmap for long-term planning and vision. Recommendations and solutions proposed in the report will serve as a guiding framework for the development and refinement of the Borobudur Conservation Center's archiving program.

In tandem with the Archival Needs Assessment, SEAMS will actively contribute to the formulation of a Conservation Strategy for the Borobudur Conservation Center, incorporating a Preservation Survey. The Preservation Survey represents a detailed examination of the preservation needs of archival collections within the institution. This Conservation Strategy will build upon existing reports and recommendations, leveraging insights from experts associated with the Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences.

Specifically centered on the Borobudur Conservation Archives, this Archival Needs Assessment zeroes in on the period from 1969 to 1983, a critical era marked by the Borobudur Temple Restoration Project. Notably, collections from this timeframe hold a designation as the "Memory of the World." The assessment extends its scope to encompass significant archives related to the subsequent Borobudur Temple Conservation Project (1983-1991). Categorized as 'static' archives in accordance with the Archives Law, this report deliberately focuses on records within this defined period, excluding discussions on records outside this temporal boundary.

The collaborative effort between SEAMS and the Borobudur Conservation Center aims to fortify the archival foundation, ensuring the preservation and accessibility of invaluable historical records for the benefit of present and future generations.

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