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Condition Assessement of the Wayang Revolusi Collection

The 'Wayang Revolusi' stands as a profoundly significant shadow puppet collection narrating the heroic tale of the Indonesian revolution against colonialism. This historically rich collection currently finds itself on an extended 'loan' from the Wereldmuseum in the Netherlands to the Wayang Museum in Indonesia.

The Wayang Revolusi collection is currently on a long-term 'loan' from the Wereldmuseum, Netherlands, to the Wayang Museum Indonesia. SEAMS conducted a condition assessment of the collection.

In acknowledgment of the cultural and historical importance encapsulated within the 'Wayang Revolusi,' SEAMS undertook a meticulous condition assessment of the collection. This assessment serves as a crucial step in ensuring the preservation and longevity of the collection during its tenure at the Wayang Museum in Indonesia.

By conducting a comprehensive evaluation, SEAMS aims to provide insights into the current state of the 'Wayang Revolusi' collection, addressing factors such as preservation needs, potential risks, and necessary conservation measures. This commitment to the condition assessment reflects SEAMS' dedication to safeguarding the integrity and cultural significance of this invaluable collection, fostering a harmonious and sustainable cultural exchange between the Wereldmuseum and the Wayang Museum in Indonesia.

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