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Loan Policy and Procedures for the Sonobudoyo Museum

In 2021, SEAMS was commissioned by the Sonobudoyo Museum Yogyakarta for the Development of Loan Policy and Procedures.

The initiation of this collaboration marked a pivotal moment in enhancing the operational framework surrounding the lending and borrowing of collections, particularly within the context of international exhibitions between museums. Tasked with creating a comprehensive Loan Policy and Procedures document, SEAMS embarked on a journey to establish standardized operating procedures that would govern every facet of this intricate process.

The resulting document serves as a written Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), providing clear and detailed guidelines for all stakeholders involved in the lending and borrowing of collections. It delineates the specific steps to be followed, encompassing the meticulous preparation, secure packaging, seamless travel logistics, exhibition display protocols, and the eventual return of objects to the Sonobudoyo Museum and vice versa.

Applicable to both Sonobudoyo Museum employees and external parties acting as Borrowers or Lenders, this Policy is particularly tailored for objects loaned for exhibition purposes, especially those involving international transactions. The guidelines are meticulously crafted to align with relevant regulations, ensuring a consistent and compliant approach throughout the loan process.

By undertaking this project, SEAMS, in collaboration with the Sonobudoyo Museum, contributes to the museum's commitment to the responsible and efficient management of its collections. The establishment of a robust Loan Policy and Procedures not only safeguards the integrity of the museum's treasures but also facilitates collaborative ventures, fostering a vibrant exchange of cultural heritage on a global scale.

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