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Tamansiswa Museum Revitalisation

The Taman Siswa museum tells the story of the establishment of the first modern Indonesian education system, Tamansisiwa, based on arts, creativity and culture, and its founding father, Ki Hadjar Dewantara.

The SEAMS project included the significance assessment of key objects in the collection, design of new label system, and the creation of a new permanent exhibition based on a thematic approach.

There are 6 themes raised in the revitalised museum, namely: 1) Background and childhood of Ki Hadjar; 2) Ki Hadjar's works as anti-colonial activists and journalists; 3) the development of the Ki Hadjar's educational theory approach and the first Tamansiswa school; 4) the rapid growth of Tamansiswa schools in Indonesia and the struggle for independent Indonesia; 5) the important role of Nyi Hadjar in the school's development and women's role in education; and 6) the important role of Tamansiswa in the birth and development of modern art in Indonesia.

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