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UNESCO Networking Indonesian Museums through common narratives

Southeast Asia Services (SEAMS) was commissioned by the UNESCO in 2021 as the implementing partner behind the 'Networking Indonesian Museums through Common Narratives' pilot initiative.

This pilot project seeks to galvanize passionate museum partners across Indonesia, exploring methods to collectively promote these cultural repositories and their diverse collections through the identification of compelling storylines. The overarching goal is to, over the long term, transform this pilot phase into a sustainable model, encouraging relevant government partners to operationalize museum-based educational tourism.

Within the framework of this pilot project, SEAMS plays a pivotal role in supporting UNESCO's implementation efforts. This includes fostering communication with network members, aiding in the identification of objects aligned with the identified themes, providing support in the digitization of images, conducting research on objects, and undertaking various coordination activities to ensure the seamless realization of the project's objectives.

Together, SEAMS and UNESCO aim to not only elevate the visibility of Indonesian museums but also to contribute to the broader cultural and educational landscape by weaving together shared narratives that resonate with audiences and create meaningful connections with the rich heritage housed in these institutions.

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